Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Grig Pushen’s Anor LP Reissue

Soviet Grail reissued a very rare LP С60 26549 004 of the late 80’s oriental jazz band «Anor».

Sato’s Legend Reissued

Soviet Grail reissued the first LP C60−24399 of Uzbek’s jazz-fusion band «Sato» called Legend / Efsane / Легенда.

There is a general belief, that the Surviving Master Tapes from the sound recording studio of the Soviet giant «Melodiya» Label is a myth. (More so, this myth pertains to the label’s republican divisions.) This is partially true, but not in the case of Leonid Atabekov, the leader of «SATO» Ensemble. During the last days of Soviet Union’s collapse, he showed up at the studio’s doorstep and bought out master tapes of the original recordings of his two albums – «Efsane» and «Pass Around the Good». Since then he has treasured this purchase. Thanks to the owner’s safekeeping, these master tapes were identified on the insert’s photo, thus enabling us to prepare the first official re-issue of this Oriental Jazz pearl of the Soviet era – «Efsane» LP, the title of which means «Legend» in Uzbek language.

Firyuza Reissue

Soviet Grail record label started a pre-order campaign for reissue of the cult classic LP C60−13215 of Furyuza jazz-funk band.

Dos-Mukasan Reissue


Russian ZBS Records recently started a new sub-label Soviet Grail which gonna concentrate on soviet groove gems. The first release is the cult first LP of Dos Mukasan. You can pre-order it by the link below.

Murad Kazhlayev by Spasibo Records

Young Russian record label has issued recently two worth tracks by Russian/Dagestani composer Murad Kazhlayev.

The first one is his signature groove track recorded for a movie Чудак. A vocal version of it was issues as С62−14123 (1980).

The second track was recorded by the orchestra of Czechoslovakian Radio. Another version of it could be found as B4 on LP Крутые Повороты (1973).

Available as black and limited colourful 45 RPM 7» vinyl:

Melik Mavisakalian by Spasibo Records

A small Russian label Spasibo Records just has released a quite interesting 7-inch with archive instrumental tracks of armenian jazz-pop orchestra led by Melik Mavisakalian. You can support release of ongoing vinyl records buying this one.

Composer, arranger and conductor Melik Mavisakalian finished conservatoire in 1961 and became a director of big TV and radio orchestra of Armenia in 1972. As some of you soviet diggers know, his orchestra have few LPs on Melodiya and every’s arrangement is a blast!

Where to buy:

Ex-Soviet Funk! 2015

The mix at mixcloud ↗

A mix recorded from vinyl releases by modern Russian funk bands. Deep funk, jazz-funk and space funk killers from the men who really know what the «groove» word means. No shallow acid jazz tunes, only rough stuff here! Nov 2015.

WAKE & BAKE — The first ever Russian raw funk band formed in Saint Petersburg in 2006. Disbanded after releasing two superb 45’s.

GREAT REVIVERS — Russian band from Saint Petersburg formed by ex-members of Wake&Bake and The Reggaenauts. Loving their production.

SOUL SURFERS — Russian soul/funk band from Nizhny Novgorod. Released 20+ vinyls already. They used to collaborate with many famous musicians of the soul/funk world.

ESTRADA ORCHESTRA — A jazz-funk band of five Russians from Estonia, Tallinn. One self-released LP in their portfolio.

MISHA PANFILOV SOUND COMBO — An awesome solo project of a member of Estrada Orchestra. One 7» released recently, more to come.

★ ★ ★

Данный микс записан целиком с виниловых пластинок современных русских фанк-групп, которых (пластинок) уродилось в этом году рекордное количество. Никакого эйсид-джазика — только жёсткий аутентичный deep/jazz/space-funk от людей воспитанных на правильном виниле (и обожающих на этом виниле издаваться).

WAKE & BAKE — Первая дипфанковая группа России, образованная в СПБ году в 2006. Первая 7» записана минимальным составом, на второй были уже добавлены духовые и крутая вокалистка. Распались.

GREAT REVIVERS — Образовались в СПБ из участников Wake&Bake и The Reggaenauts. Выпустили пачку синглов и в этом году — LP без проходных номеров.

SOUL SURFERS — Парни из Нижнего Новгорода за 5 лет выпустили дикое количество синглов и только что — гигант со множеством коллабораций с soul/funk музыкантами.

ESTRADA ORCHESTRA — Ансамбль из пятерых русских парней из Таллина; играют дажз-фанк, афробит… В этом году сами выпустили диск-гигант. На обложке, кстати, они.

MISHA PANFILOV SOUND COMBO — Студийный сольный проект одного из участников «эстрадного оркестра» — дикий спэйс-фанк написанный и записанный крайне толково. Только что вышла семёрка, следите за продолжением.

★ ★ ★

Intro — Intro (Ubiquity)
Soul Surfers — Get It Right Part #4 (FNR)
Soul Surfers — Doin’ The Rasklad (Ubiquity)
Great Revivers — Drunken Master (FNR)
Wake&Bake! — PartyStarter (Our Label)
Soul Surfers — Raw (Ubiquity)
Great Revivers — Hard Way To Go (FNR)
Misha Panfilov Sound Combo — Offbeat Comet (FNR)
Misha Panfilov Sound Combo — Planetarium (FNR)
Wake&Bake! — Funky Blue Beard (Tramp)
Wake&Bake! — Funkie Pie (Tramp)
Estrada Orchestra — I Took Too Much (Self-Released)
Estrada Orchestra — Skating With Badamas (Self-Released)
Analog Attention — Post Factum (TRWL)


The Soul Surfers — Soul Rock!

After releasing about twenty 45’s, Russian raw funk band «Soul Surfers» from Nizhniy Novgorod just has released their first LP at American Ubiquity Records. It features some artists so we have some vocal tracks which makes it more diverse. The band is led by a soviet vinyl collector Igor Zhukovsky aka ELN.

После выпуска двух десятков миньонов, нижегородцы «Soul Surfers» записали диск-гигант на Ubiquity. Уже в продаже.

Buy hardcopy:

Collage Discography Reissued


October 2014, Estonian label Hyper Records has reissued all three LPs of the classy jazz band Collage. They sells each vinyl for 18 EUR which is a very good deal as you’re getting three mint LPs by the price of one used. It’s available from their discogs account:

Эстонцы переиздали на виниле дискографию отличного джаз-бэнда «Коллаж». Купить можно по ссылке выше, предложение выгодное.

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DJ Bazil — Soviet Jazz Breaks

The mix at mixcloud ↗

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