Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Turaidas Roze 1986

01. Svētku Diena (vārdi Im.Kalniņš)
02. Balāde Par Tevi Mākoņos (v. C.Dinere)
03. Notikums (v. I.Auziņš)
04. Uz Nakti Atkal Durvis Vaļā (v. O.Gūtmanis)
05. Veltījums Pusnaktī (v. M.Čaklais)
06. Nesteidzini (v. O.Gūtmanis)
07. Kas Dzīvo Tanī Pusē (v. Viks)
08. Kas Jūs Esat? (v. O.Gūtmanis)
09. Upei Pāri (v. P.Zirnītis)
10. Mežā (v. S.Naidu)
11. Trubadūrs (v. K.Skujenieks)
12. Apvij Rokas (v. L.Līvena)
13. Rīt Varbūt (v. M.Zālīte)
14. Kā akmens (v. L.Līvena)


Turaidas Roze is another music project of the top Latvian composer Imants Kalniņš. After psychedelicious seventies it is good pop music of the eighties now. Vocals by Olga Rajecka and Uģis Roze. Don’t miss that extremely beautiful song below as well as other good stuff.

The story narrated in the video. 350 years ago there lived an immensely beautiful girl Maya in city Turaide. People called her The Rose of Turaide. Maya was in love with a man and they prepared to wedding. Once some mercenary has kidnapped Maya but she killed herself finally being true to her love. Many years since then there are roses lying by her grave for many years as a symbol of feminine beauty and devotion.

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May 18, 2012