Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Tatiana Kochergina • Татьяна Кочергина 1980

Artist: Татьяна Кочергина
LP title: Уроки музыки
Melodiya / C60−15857−8 / 1980

Groove flavored pop music from Ukraine. Almost all tracks on the LP are interesting ones but it is the single outstanding track there IMO (disco!)


A1 Уроки музыки

play tatiana kochergina — ritsarskaya pesnya (fragment).mp3 (fragment)

play tatiana kochergina — zhenikhi (fragment).mp3 (fragment)

play tatiana kochergina — nichego ne sluchilos 1980.mp3

play tatiana kochergina — volshebnaya skazka 1980.mp3

play tatiana kochergina — igray skripka igray 1980.mp3 a disco gem, recorded with ВИА Кобза’s vocal group

play tatiana kochergina — pochemu eto tak 1980.mp3

Full LP download: (a rapidshare link is there)






Dj Alex Dubcheck
Sep 22, 2010

B2 track is a real soviet disco gem: it's a very subtle and delicate arrangement, artistically higher than some soviet pop sound.

Dj Alex Dubcheck
Sep 22, 2010

Thanks for sharing with the world

Feb 03, 2012

спасибо за скачата ! Привет из франции !

May 18, 2012