Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Bossa Baltica

A collection of soviet bossa nova tunes mostly recorded in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia of the late sixties and seventies. There are many similar compilations existing but such Baltic music is less known.

Советская босса-нова из семидесятых. Этот жанр уже немало и переиздавался (на Мелодии), и миксовался (More Latin Than Soviet), так что здесь только «неюзанные» треки.

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Apr 05, 2012

Бальзамчик! спасибо огромное. а каким способом можно заполучить мр3?

Apr 05, 2012

добавил ссылки на кач

Apr 06, 2012

Очень круто!И без свойственной сгруву "угадайки"

Apr 07, 2012


Dj Alex Dubcheck
Apr 24, 2012

This is a superb compilation. My favourite so far is "Saulelydis" by M.Tamosiunas Orchestra, a great lush orchestral piece which seems an outtake from Yuji Ohno's Lupin III soundtracks (do you know him?) Seems like you've been busy digging through Marju Kuut discography, isn't it ? :) Congratulations again I've got an advice for you about the .txt file attached, you should "code" it as Unicode and not as ANSI: because we can read Cyrillic scripts with the first but not with the second encoding If you need or want more details I'll send you a mail with pics

Apr 25, 2012

Whatever Marju sings, that is beautiful. Love her voice. I will pay attention to unicode. Thanks.

May 18, 2012