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Boomerang • Бумеранг 1986


A1. Полет беркута (Ф. Ибрагимов)
A2. Лавка чудес (Ф. Ибрагимов, В. Раббэ)
B1. Мираж (М. Ермолов)
Бумеранг — Мираж
Boomerang — Mirage
1986 Melodiya LP C60 22759 001

The last and the most rare LP of the kazakhstani band «Boomerang» used to play a beautiful kind of ambient and oriental jazz fusion. DJ Willderness, it’s for you.

Последний и самый редкий диск-гигант замечательного казахского джазового ансамбля «Бумеранг», игравшего в стиле, как бы это выразиться, эмбиентный восточный джаз-фьюжн. Спасибо рипперу gosha-k.

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Mar 28, 2011

Hi Soviet Grooves, you make a fantastic job here and I really appreciate all of your work. I have this 3nd album from Boomerang, called "Mirage", rec. in 1986, and yes, there is only 3 tracks : the first two on side A, the third one on side B. Great ethnic prog jazz. Regards

Mar 28, 2011

Thank you much for this confirmation, Yeti00! Do you have cover of it? If sou I'd be glad to get a scan of it. It's not googlable.

Mar 30, 2011

Thank you for posting this! I'm happy to finally hear it. Is there anything you want to hear? Igor Brill Morning of the Earth?

Mar 30, 2011

Oh yes, I'd like to get a digital copy of that rare "Morning of the Earth". I'm interesting also for Uno Naissoo's jazz records.

Mar 31, 2011

Maybe the fourth piece was disposable only on MC version of Melodia. It's not the only case. Though, Thanks so much. This the only blog with complete Boomerang discography.

Mar 31, 2011

Maybe. I have also noticed that the last track has a significant pause in the middle, so it could be the part two has some separate unofficial title.

May 18, 2012