Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Alexander Gradsky • Александр Градский 1980


01. Театр
02. Ошибка
03. Потомки
04. Споры
05. Ночная песня пьяницы
06. Окраина Петербурга
07. Колыбельная
08. Гармония
09. На музыкальной репетиции


10. Опять
11. Обстановочка
12. Желтый дом
13. Ламентации
14. Под сурдинку
15. Остров. Утром
16. Бессмертье
17. Молитва
18. Театр

Александр Градский и группа Скоморохи — Сатиры
Melodiya 1987 2LP С60 25479 003
Recorded 1980

Another vocal suite of AG based on strong poetry of Саша Чёрный (1880—1932) that time. I hope you’ll find at least the first track interesting which was used as a soundtrack for sci-fi cartoon Перевал (I am very impressed of that minute the track lasts there). I am not sure what a label I could stick to these tracks but it’s much alike «progressive» it seems.

play alexander gradsky — teatr 1980.mp3 (what the sound!)

play alexander gradsky — potomki 1980.mp3 (drum breaks & progressive)

Download 127 MB, HQ VBR MP3:






Sep 15, 2010

Again have to download the whole pack but these two tracks are progressive at a pure state. The term progressive rock is a general definition for a huge musical panorama. Until 1966 was only beat, pop, rock, blues structures and on the other side classical and classical jazz. Progressive rock (progression, experimentation, contamination, constructivity action on rock) really started in 1967 with the attempt to generate something different, setting different musical forms in rock and pop structures. The first tryouts in late sixties, Beatles and many others with orchestrations and in a bit of time, more convincing others, Colosseum with jazz on rock, Jethro Tull with blues and folk on rock and a lot of the psychedelia movement with its mad experimentations to dilate, manipulate and get in a surreal state the primordial rock, is pure progressive in embryonic form. Pink Floyd liquefied Beatles pop and rock with hallucinogenic cosmic trips and in 1970 evolved in a more decise progressive form but truly unique style. Also Soft Machine evolved in complex jazz rock forms and influenced RIO and all Canterbury scene, that generated great band as Egg and National Health. In 1969, King Crimson, Yes and Renaissance started symphonic rock, another underwing of progressive scene. Symphonic rock not always means classical music on rock but also romantic, epic or great emphasis. Also Led Zeppelin got their more progressive works with album III and in part Houses of the Holy, an intelligent fusion of different folk cultures on rock-hard rock structures. In Denmark, the major tendency was experimenting with brasses on rock with folk and blues. In other nations different moods and often very different from one band to another. I hope to have clarified the word progressive. In the track Teatr of Gradsky we can see great emphasis on voice and music with typical russian mood. Synthesizer presence wouldn't means pure electronic or synthetic music. Furtherly, many electronic bands and artists of the past are also part of the progressive movement. In the next piece, more definite rock form but with contamination or embellishment of brasses and harpsichord. With this album is more clear, Gradsky's voice is one of the best in russian rock history.

Sep 15, 2010

Another Gradsky's lp.. i'm without words! number one!

Sep 15, 2010

Thanks for the explanation. I used that term ad-hoc all the time.

Sep 15, 2010

No doubt! You was uncertain sometimes so i've done a bit of explanation. Will be useful to others, beginners and for some tottering musical theorists-terrorists of old data. Looking also at Andrea's comment, the question now is the following, Russian Songs is Gradsky's first work or does exist stuff from late seventies? Much Regards

Sep 15, 2010

I discovered recently Russian Songs were recorded in several takes: the first tracks were recorded 1976 or 1976-1978; the last three tracks were recorded 1980. Different sources give us different information. About the earier works. He performed pop songs in his early years. 1974 he recorded well known LP (presented here, no prog there but heavy funk). There is also his LP work with no title of 1978 with progressive tracks inside - I used them in the mix "Soviet Psychedelic Mastaz" but under the band's name "Скоморохи" instead of A.G.: Скоморохи — Ты и я Скоморохи — Ты только верь мне Скоморохи — Финдлей Скоморохи — Песня шута It seems that's a good candidate for uploading.

Sep 15, 2010

Yes, Skomorokhi plays also on these Gradsky works. On Shameikhin there's another LP from 82 Svezda or Zvezda Pulei. Could must be good too.

Sep 28, 2010

HI SG, i've listened to 1982 Gradsky's album "Zvezda Pulei" and this is very much good too. Same style as Sama Life. Recommended.

May 18, 2012