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The Disco Orchestra vs Hudson County

I have posted the following track (that is a mix of two actually) already, but now I got information its credits noted on the cover — J.Last and S.Wonder — are incorrect.

play disco — priglashenie 1978.mp3

Really it’s a cover on a 1975 recording. I didn’t heard about Hudson County before but the track is good and rare also — has no even entry about the author.

Three years difference — how the russians did know about that rare track? Maybe they have heard some James Last’s version?

play hudson county — bim sala bim 1975.mp3






Jul 06, 2010

Yes, it is very very likely that the russians did hear about it from the James Last records. the James Last record can be easily found in Germany and it was released on Melodija too. Like many other artists, James Last wanted to save money and didnt want to pay royalties for covering the song. He possibly knew it was very rare (even back then) and no one would ever find out. He just claimed he wrote the song by himself.

Jul 06, 2010

Thank you for the confirmation!

Aug 26, 2010

Disco - Priglashenie is really dope song !!! Respect !!

May 14, 2011

heres the james last version if you are curious:

May 14, 2011

Thanks! There are tree different names for this track however (:

Aug 29, 2011

this song is a classical piece johann strauß "also sprach zaratrustra" but the adaption is from deodato 1973 no doubt that exist a james last cover

Aug 29, 2011

wow the james last version comes along with an other name!!!

Sep 09, 2011

заметка о Hudson County и Bim Sala Bim

May 18, 2012