Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Noorte Laulud • Песни молодёжи. 1978


01. Jaak Joala — Elavate laul
02. Voldemar Kuslap — Igavene tuli
03. Jaak Joala — Laul verelilledest
04. Silvi Vrait ja ans. ’Fix’ — Värviline maailm
05. Ivo Linna ja ans. ’Apelsin’ — Aeg ei peatu
06. Ans. ’Kukerpillid’ — Lipsu-peedi polka
07. Peeter Tooma — Vaikus
08. Tõnis Mägi ja ans. ’Psycho’ — Naera, naera
09. Ans. ’Ruja’ — Laul näidendist ’Protsess’
10. Ans. ’Psycho’ — Nomina sunt odiosa


Noorte Laulud / Песни молодёжи / Songs of Youth
Melodiya LP 1978

Two tracks by estonian progressive band «Psycho». That a little known band has suuplied us with some nice beats worth enough to appear on a compilation like «Diminishing Returns».

play psycho — nomina sunt odiosa.mp3 There is more of groove

play psycho & tonis magi — naera, naera.mp3 More of Tonis Magi

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Mar 31, 2011

It's the first time i listen something from Estone band Psycho. Their jazz piece is very good jazz piece. Wait to listen more of them. The solist piece of Tony Magis (Psycho member??) is just nice but not in line with the precedent.

Mar 31, 2011

I have some more separate tracks of the band. Will upload them later (remind me if I do not). Also it seems Tonis was not a member of the band - he also had performed another single track with "Vantorel".

May 18, 2012