Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

A fake soviet funk release:-)

A funny thing happened recently. The Secret Stash label has released two LP comilations of so called soviet funk. They claim someone Pavel Sysoev — a recording studio staff — has recorded hours of funk/soul in a soviet studio in Abakan during the 70’s. Now he has offered the records to the label. Their presentation:

Currently two LP’s are available at some online-shops including Dusty Groove of America which writes about the releases seriously and without any piece of irony:

Includes «Gostiny Dvor» and «Zapovednik» by Pavel Sysoyev, «Avantyurist» and «Snokhachestovo» by Pomogite, «Agentura» and «Chernosotenec» by Victor Chizhova & Boris Baykov, «Vyrodok» by Dan’et, «Kak Vas Zovut» by Pavel Sysoyev & Victor Chizhova and more.

Look at the titles: some are just sick, other reflects what West think about life in USSR:
 — vyrodok — degenerate; monster;
 — snokhachestovo — a practice of having sex with minor women in the big family;
 — agentura — hostile agents;
 — сhernosotenec — one of the Black Hundreds (a fascist-alike organization).

Only punks or insanes could use such titles but not «classically trained musicians».

The band names are absurd:
 — pomogite — help me;
 — dan’et — yesno.

I just wonder why they haven’t used words Perestroyka, Gorbatschiov or Pushkin (:

Additionally several different label’s releases sounds like if they were recorded by the same band (how a critic notes). Finally they just pick up the first item in a list of russian cities: Abakan.

However that’s a funny fact enough someone made such a fake release. Although they’d take real recordings like estonian label Umble did: Back in the E.S. S.R. — From the archives of eesti radio.

UPD. Appropriate English-translated discussion at the major russian funk/soul forum.






Mar 02, 2010

I found this posting because I searched Secret Stash Soviet Groove FAKE. Does anyone else suspect that this album is a farce? A Russian friend of mine noted that one of the musicians had a male first name and a female surname. Any thoughts?

Mar 02, 2010

The whole forum . The names and titles are absolutely odd, yes, including that "she-male" :) What about music in the presentation, none soviet recordings of that time sounds similarly.

Mar 18, 2010

разоблачили, а я что-то так загорелся сперва. Удивление, а потом подозрение, типа : "Фигассе, ну и звук в ссср оказывается могли делать" появились после просмотра ролика.

Dec 27, 2010

Today Pavel Sysoyev resides in Saint Paul, MN, just minutes from the Secret Stash headquarters. The label was introduced to him through a network of local producers. Within a matter of weeks we were in business together.

Charly Bee
Jan 05, 2011

Yeh!.. Like Most of All soviet collectorz can say - Its a fake. Peace.

Mar 19, 2011

Damn that's amazing !! what about the other comp of this label

May 18, 2012