Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

French & Japanese b-boys battling over soviet groove

I have posted tracks 1 and 3 already and here goes #2 now.

play alexander zatsepin — tanets shamana 1973.mp3 @00:00 1973

play lev barashkov — usy.mp3 @02:27

play gladkov — proezd tsisterny 1971.mp3 @04:02 1971






Dj Alex Dubcheck
Jun 03, 2010

Well, this is incredible. Who would have predict that in 1985 or even in 2005 (apart from us soviet groove followers) ? The unique thing is that these songs really work for breakdancing: did soviet musicians have this in mind when they recorded them ;-)?

Dj Alex Dubcheck
Jun 03, 2010

This is the reverse instead: soviet soldiers break loose over american jams or this slight different version

Jun 04, 2010

They dances very close to bboys' style. I think some bboy could successfully reuse the techniques from the video.

May 18, 2012