Soul Surfers

There are just two deep funk bands in Russia AFAIK. All others plays shallow funk or acid jazz, not more than that. The first band is Wake'n'Bake (Saint-Petersburg) that had a 7" release on Timmion Records.
Later The Soul Surfers from city of Nizhny Novgorod was estabilished by DJ ELN (who also has recorded one of two most impressive soviet groove mixes ever made). The band has many aliases like Snow Surfers, United Boppers Unit, Gospel Surfers and Rhythm Cowboys. They have several 7" released already and here is their fresh Funk Night Records' one.
Замечательный нижегородский дип-фанк бэнд Soul Surfers (при участии DJ ELN) в который уже раз зарелизился семёркой на Funk Night Records. Кроме них и Wake'n'Bake у нас вроде и нет ничего такого дипового, зато асид джаз процветает.
Soul Surfers in action: