Estonian Jazz Fest Tallinn-67

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VA Tallinn-67 LP1
VA Таллин-67 LP1
Мелодия 1967 LP Д 020843-4
Recordings from an Estonian international jazz fest of 1967. Thanks to U&1989 again.
A1 Квинтет Э. Линдстрема – Импровизация на тему финской н/п
A2 Квартет Р. Бабаева – Песня горцев
A3 Квартет З. Намысловского – Летом
B1 Сектет А. Домнеруса – Полуночное солнце не заходит
B2 Ансамбль А. Виттиха – Пьеса из детского альбома
B3 Квинтет А. Захарова – Олео
B4 Трио В. Мустафа-Заде – Таллин в мае
B5 Квинтет А. Кролла – Движение из "Композиции в трех частях"

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Below is a foreword by Valter Ojakaar from the rear cover.

The Tallinn jazz festivals have established a firm tradition over the last years. Already at the end of the forties and at the beginning of the fifties the local jazz groups held periodical reviews which later drew participants from other towns as well. Thus Tallinn gradually turned into a kind of jazz centre of the Soviet Union. Every spring the jazz enthusiasts perform here the best works introduced during the last year.

The Tallinn '67 Jazz Festival was the most representative of its kind so far held in the Soviet Union. Performers from 13 cities of the seven republics took parf in it, thus giving an insight into the state of the Soviet jazz as a whole. It was for the second time, that foreign guests par ficipated in the Tallinn Festival. A total of 175 performers of 28 bands played before the 12000 listeners

The award of the best Soviet jazz bands went to the Leningrad Dixieland band under Vsevolod Korolev, the Leningrad Vocal-Instrumental ensemble under Heinrich Zarh, and to the Anatoly Kroll - Alexander Pischikov Quartet from Tula. The best soloists were Vladimir Sermakashev and Alexander Pischikov (tenor-saxophone), Konstantin Baholdin (trombone), Boris Richkov (piano), Herman Lukianov and Vsevolod Korolev (trumpet) and singer Gjuli Choheli.

The foreign guests were a big hit: the Arne Dom nerus Sextet from Stockholm, the Kurt Järnberg Quintet from Gävle, the Erik Lindström Quintet and, the Heikki Laurila Trio, from Helsinki, the Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet from Warsaw, the Charles Lloyd Quartet from New York.

The great interest about the Soviet jazz was manifested by the participation in the Festival of a large group of foreign journalists and critics: from more than ten countries of the world: Josef Balce-rak from Poland, H. P. Hofmann from the German Democratic Republic, Willis Conover and George Avakian from the USA, Pekka Gronow and Seppo Seppänen from Finland, etc. The Soviet and foreign press reports testify to the high level of Sovie jazz as manifested at the Tallinn '67 Jazz Festival.