Rafiq Babayev vs operettas 1970

Release info:
Рафик Бабаев - Джазовые композиции на тему оперетт Рауфа Гаджиева
Rafik Babayev - Jazz Compositions On The Themes Of Rauf Gajiyev's Operettas
Melodiya 1970 LP СМ 02085-6
A rip of Rafiq Babayev's early LP where he, together with his band, covers themes from operettas. The latter is not what I love personally but these variations are super. Brought to us by Yuri.
A1 Sarabanda's couplets
A2 Delia's aria
A3 Song of Karmen and Jose
A4 Song of Delia and Raoul
A5 Raoul's song ("Cuba my love")
B1 Advertisement song
B2 Joan and Jerry's duet
B3 The sad song
B4 The song of the young

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