Your favourite melodies 1973

Release info:
Ваши любимые песни играет ансамбль "Мелодия"
Interpreta El Conjunto Instrumental "Melodia"
Melodiya ensemble playing your favourite melodies
Melodiya 1973 LP СМ 04345-6
The Melodia ensemble directed by Georgy Garanian was a great band recorded many many music these times, especially for cinema. Today I'm presenting their LP called "Ensemble Melodia plays your favourite songs" that consists of instrumental covers of famous soviet songs. Some of them are real groovers, some are not, but each track is worth to listen to anyway. Personally I'm very impressed of this LP - heavy drums and bass, leading horns, I love that forceful orchestra sound.
A1 Ходит песенка по кругу
A2 Август
A3 Песенка военных корреспондентов
A4 Три года ты мне снилась
A5 А снег идет; Отчего
A6 Я в тебя не влюблен
B1 Морзянка
B2 Нежность
B3 Не грусти
B4 В лодке
B5 Я тебя подожду
B6 Песня из к/ф "Верные друзья"
B7 Чертово колесо