Killer breaks from Romance For Lovers 1974

Release info:
Александр Градский - Романс о влюбленных
Alexander Gradsky - Romance For Lovers
Melodiya 1974 LP 33С 90-05447-48
The real dirty killer funk from soviet russia! It had been written by Aleksander Gradsky (who would have thought) and played by George Garanian & The Melodia ensemble. The mp3s below are free from film voices and effects, only the original audio. Unbelievable! It's unlikely I will ever dig out something better than this.
A1 Любовь
A2 Песня о дружбе
A3 Маневры ✻
A4 Песня о птицах
A5 Финал
B1 Поиск ✻
B2 Песня о матери
B3 Возвращение
B4 Смерть героя
B5 Колыбельная