Collage 1971

Release info:
Ансамбль "Коллаж"
Collage - Untitled
Melodiya 1971 LP Д028231-2

collage 71 sampler.mp3
The first long play of "Collage" - a vocal-jazz ensemble with strong Estonian folklore influence. Side A is dedicted to the folk songs almost solely. Big thanks to Yuri U&1989 again.
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A1. Kee, Pada! (Good Boiling!)
A2. Tähemõrsja (The Star's Bride)
A3. Linad Liulaskijalle (Slide Is Good For Flax)
A4. Talgulaul (Harvest Bee Song)
A5. Ketra, Vokikene! (Keep Going My Spinning-Wheel)
A6. Vikerkaar (Over The Rainbow)
B1. Bossanova Hing (The Soul Of Bossanova)
B2. Tallinna Blues (Blues For Tallinn)
B3. Me Rändame Linnast Linna (We Wander From Town To Town)
B4. Nokturn (Nocturne)
B5. Spordihalli Blues (Blues In Sportshall)
B6. Alfabeet (The Alphabet)

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