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Two versions of «rudeh-paparudeh»

maria codrianu.jpg
Maria Codrianu

Here are two versions of a funk song «Rudeh-paparudeh» (Рудэ-Папарудэ) by two moldavian artists.

play maria codrianu — rude-paparude 1974.mp3 / Мария Кодрияну

play orizont — rude-poparude 1980.mp3 / ВИА Оризонт

What the song is about?

Paparuda is a Romanian rain ritual, probably of pagan origin, performed in the spring and in times of severe drought.

A girl, wearing a skirt made of fresh green knitted vines and small branches, sings and dances through the streets of the village, stopping at every house, where the hosts pour water on her. She is accompanied by the people of the village who dance and shout on the music. The custom has attributed a specific type of dance and a specific melody.