Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Tiit Paulus interview

img/tiit paulus.jpg

Here is an interview of famous Estonian jazz guitar player Tiit Paulus that Kristjan Jansen took the past year. It is in Estonian language which I personally find to be a beautiful one but completely not understandable also. There is no a transcription but there is a lot of music that needs no translation fortunately.

Интервью эстонского джазового гитариста Тийта Паулюса (игравшего, в частности, с Яаном Куманом). На этонском, без транскрипции (может кто сделает?), так что просто послушаем музыку, которой здесь немало. + .cue file.