Olga Voskonyan / Ольга Восконьян 1989

Besides the strict grooves I enjoy different kinds of obscured soviet music of the 80's. Here is one of them - a naive feminine synthy pop song with cars humanized in its lyrics.
This is a very special edition, actually it is a postcard. And if you wish, you may play this postcard on your turntable. The sound quality of this playable postcard is quite far from perfect due to exotic technology of its production, so, in addition to this every customer gets a download coupon for high resolution digital audio files (mp3 320kbps + FLAC)... This rare track by Olga Voskonyan is finally available for purchase for 6 EUR only including worldwide shipping, download code and a postcard itself.
It was available only as the following TV-rip previously:
На Baran Records только что вышла новая пластинка-сингл с наивной и забавной поп-песней Ольги Восконьян "Автомобили". Не знаю где владелец раздобыл сию запись, но кажется при посредничестве Александра Яковлева (группа Био). Ранее песня была доступна только по трансляции Центрального Телевидения, а теперь вышла в формате flexi + mp3 + lossless. Комплект доступен за 6 ойро.