Marina Granovskaja & Kęstutis Lušas 1984

Release info:
Marina Granovskaja & Kęstutis Lušas - Jazz Compositions
Марина Грановская, Кястутис Лушас - Джазовые композиции
Melodiya 1984 LP C60-20475
Once I had listened to a groovy composition “Perpetum Mobile” I was long time looking for this jazz release. Finally I got it with a help of Weedska. The rest tracks are ordinary good jazz works including a ballad and a bossa. I suppose Kęstutis Lušas is responsive for coolness of the major track and I have also some more cool compositions credited to him.
An interesting fact about this release: it contains two seemingly identical copies of that groovy track "Perpetum mobile" - A1 and B3.

flac, 200 MB