Igor Nazaruk - Kolyada 1982

Release info:
Игорь Назарук - Коляда. Карпатское Новогодье
Igor Nazaruk - Kolyada
Melodiya LP С60 18667 003
Recorded 1982, released 1983
Now there is a jazz-funk excerption from LP "Kolyada" composed by Igor Nazaruk. The LP is full of that abstract form of jazz but there is a groovie piece also - marked it. I can't remember I ever heard any soviet jazz-funk, probably this is the first time.
Укупник на басу :)

Igor Nazaruk - keys
Alexei Zubov - tenor & soprano saxophones
Alexei Isplatovsky - bass guitar
Andrei Chernyshev - drums
Mark Pekarsky - percussion
Arkadi Ukupnik - fender bass guitar