Hijacking of Savoy 1979

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The Hijacking of Savoy
Похищение Савойи
Porwanie Savoi
Hijacking of Savoy - a good action-adventure '79 movie, co-produced by USSR and Poland. There is all what people expect to see in an exploitation film: crime, exotics, jungle, chases, nazis, erotics and even a bit of nuns :-) Just like those euro cult movies. Composer Andrzej Koszinski has wrote several quite different and impressive themes for it.
1) A disco, with a narrator praising Rio de Janeiro. Nowdays you can find this track as ▶ Arp Life - Tango Mundial (Koszinski was a member of that collective).
2) Two eurocrime-like tracks joined together by me. The most killing stuff starts at 2:40.
3) Surely there is a romantic episode too.
01. eurocrime 1.mp3
02. disco.mp3
03. eurocrime 2.mp3
04. romantic 1.mp3
05. romantic 2.mp3

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