Gunnar Graps & Magnetic Band 1977-1982

Release info:
Gunnar Graps & Magnetic Band - Roses for Papa
Gunnar Graps Ja Magnetic Band – Roosid Papale
Гуннар Грапс и Магнетик Бенд - Розы для папы
Melodiya 1982 LP C60-17019-20
Two very funky tracks from a very eclectic LP containing also blues, rock'n'roll, Jethro Tull style rock, heavy metal, pop reggae and ambient! That is a kind of compilation so 1982 is the year of the release only. I just haven't thought there were so many groove in USSR when started the blog (:
A1 Rahatuvi
A2 Meie Teisikud
A3 Odüsseuse Eksirännakud
A4 Lady Blues
A5 Leidmine
B1 Varsti
B2 Sügisõhtu Blues
B3 Roosid Papale
B4 Lillekimp Imet Teeb ehk vanaemad on unustanud muinasjutud
B5 Doktor Noormann
B6 Kohtumine