David Tukhmanov Concept LP 1975

Release info:
Давид Тухманов - По волне моей памяти
David Tukhmanov - On the crest of my memory
Melodiya LP С60-07271-2
Recorded 1975, released 1976
A famous soviet composer David Tukhmanov has wrote this conceptual LP where he used only lyrics of poets of the past. It gained a large popularity in USSR despite it was made in non quite popular styles of music such as art-rock and funk a bit, as the first track (sung by Alexander Lerman) shows:
The next track has just beautifulest female vocals by Lyudmila Barykina and it is very expressive too:
I don't think I could wonder somebody Russian with the release but it's a classics stuff anyway and the music remains cool. There were the days, I used to listen to this vinyl literally every day for a month, when discovered it in my grandma's flat :)
A1 Я мысленно вхожу в ваш кабинет
A2 Из сафо
A3 Из вагантов
A4 Приглашение к путешествию
A5 Доброй ночи
B1 По волне моей памяти
B2 Сентиментальная прогулка
B3 Сердце моё, сердце
B4 Смятение
B5 Посвящение в альбом