Mikhail Chekalin at Soviet Grail

Release info:
Михаил Чекалин - Ванная для Эстета
Mikhail Chekalin - A Bathroom For Esthete
Soviet Grail 2019 LP SG015
Soviet Grail's compilation of Mikhail Chekalin's music. Pre-orderable now, shipping on Feb 01, 2019.
A1 A piece in jazz-rock mode
A2 Jazz-a-swinging ego
A3 A fragment for drums and chorus
A4 Mephisto
A5 A bathroom for esthete
A6 Flinging boomerang
A7 Symphodevilad
A8 Song image
A9 Bonus from open piano
B1 Jazz-rock vocalise
B2 In a primitive style
B3 A movement (psychedelic march vocalise)
B4 A passing melody
B5 Heavy metal in october
B6 Untitled theme
B7 A psychedelic jazz-walk
B8 Untitled 70s fragment