A fake soviet funk release :-)

A funny thing happened recently. The Secret Stash label has released two LP comilations of so called soviet funk. They claim someone Pavel Sysoev — a recording studio staff — has recorded hours of funk/soul in a soviet studio in Abakan during the 70's. Now he has offered the records to the label. Their presentation:
Currently two LP's are available at some online-shops including Dusty Groove of America which writes about the releases seriously and without any piece of irony:
Includes "Gostiny Dvor" and "Zapovednik" by Pavel Sysoyev, "Avantyurist" and "Snokhachestovo" by Pomogite, "Agentura" and "Chernosotenec" by Victor Chizhova & Boris Baykov, "Vyrodok" by Dan'et , "Kak Vas Zovut" by Pavel Sysoyev & Victor Chizhova and more.
Look at the titles: some are just sick, other reflects what West think about life in USSR: — vyrodok — degenerate; monster; — snokhachestovo — a practice of having sex with minor women in the big family; — agentura — hostile agents; — сhernosotenec — one of the Black Hundreds (a fascist-alike organization).
Only punks or insanes could use such titles but not “classically trained musicians”.
The band names are absurd: — pomogite — help me; — dan'et — yesno.
I just wonder why they haven't used words Perestroyka, Gorbatschiov or Pushkin (:
Additionally several different label's releases sounds like if they were recorded by the same band (how a critic notes). Finally they just pick up the first item in a list of russian cities: Abakan.
However that's a funny fact enough someone made such a fake release. Although they'd take real recordings like estonian label Umble did: Back in the E.S.S.R. — From the archives of eesti radio.
UPD. Appropriate English-translated discussion at the major russian funk/soul forum.