Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

CJ Plus — Soviet Jazz Machine I

Here is a mix from Odessa, Ukraine. Soviet Advanced Jazz Music (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Uzbek), 1970−80, strictly vinyl.

The mix at mixcloud ↗

Rafiq Babayev • Рафик Бабаев 1970

img/babayev 1970.jpg

01. Куплеты Сарбанды
02. Ария Делии
03. Песня Кармен и Хосе
04. Песня Делии и Рауля
05. Песня Рауля


06. Рекламная песня
07. Дуэт Джоан и Джерри
08. Грустная песня
09. Песня молодых

Рафик Бабаев
Джазовые композиции на тему оперетт Рауфа Гаджиева
Melodiya 1970 LP СМ 02085−6

A rip of Rafiq Babayev’s early LP brought to us by Yuri:

play babayev 1970 smplr.mp3

Download MP3 320 kbps, 112 MB:

Olga Voskonyan • Ольга Восконьян 1989


Besides the strict grooves I enjoy different kinds of obscured soviet music of the 80’s. Here is one of them—a naive feminine synthy pop song with cars humanized in its lyrics.

This is a very special edition, actually it is a postcard. And if you wish, you may play this postcard on your turntable. The sound quality of this playable postcard is quite far from perfect due to exotic technology of its production, so, in addition to this every customer gets a download coupon for high resolution digital audio files (mp3 320kbps + FLAC)… This rare track by Olga Voskonyan is finally available for purchase for 6 EUR only including worldwide shipping, download code and a postcard itself.

It was available only as the following TV-rip previously:

На Baran Records только что вышла новая пластинка-сингл с наивной и забавной поп-песней Ольги Восконьян «Автомобили». Не знаю где владелец раздобыл сию запись, но кажется при посредничестве Александра Яковлева (группа Био). Ранее песня была доступна только по трансляции Центрального Телевидения, а теперь вышла в формате flexi+mp3+lossless. Комплект доступен за 6 ойро:

Enjoy that nice rarity!

play olga voskonyan — avtomobili.mp3

Rafiq Babayev’s Video 1986

A live performance of Rafiq Babayev’s jazz band. This is ethnic oriental jazz fusion quite worth as always. Next time I will upload one Babayev’s vinyl donated by Yuri kindly.

Mr. And-7 — Sovietablizm (Third Mix)

This mix is dedicated to the best passages of the Soviet 70’s and 80’s music from my collection of original records. Here you will hear the breaks and musical moments of the tracks a variety of musicians from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Soviet Mongolia. I found a set of records in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, when I went there for a vacation or a tour. There is a funk and soul, psychedelic rock and avant-garde jazz and, bossa-nova and fusion, as well as the national folk and pop music with interesting jazz-rock-funk tunes and riffs. Perhaps you have already guessed that there is a well-known and all Romance of Lovers, Jaan Kuman, Oktava, Ensambel Melodiya, Gunesh and particularly popular and super rare record of Bayan Mongol. This mix was recorded with 4 turntables Technics 1210, one cd-player Denon s3900 and two Rane mixers, and effectors Pioneer EFX-1000. All the tracks from the original LP’s and 7inch’s except for the track records of Vagif Mustafa Zadeh called Aman Ovchu, which was played at the beginning of the mix. This track was published on the original cd Dushunce. I think many of the producers who write music in the direction of hip-hop and trip-hop will be interesting a lot of tracks and breaks from this mix. I hope you will not stay indifferent and will long enjoy this treasure and heritage of the former Soviet Union.

This mix is dedicated to my girlfriend Mary, who inspired me to this work, and helped found some records.

DJ Mr. And-7

Turaidas Roze 1986

01. Svētku Diena (vārdi Im.Kalniņš)
02. Balāde Par Tevi Mākoņos (v. C.Dinere)
03. Notikums (v. I.Auziņš)
04. Uz Nakti Atkal Durvis Vaļā (v. O.Gūtmanis)
05. Veltījums Pusnaktī (v. M.Čaklais)
06. Nesteidzini (v. O.Gūtmanis)
07. Kas Dzīvo Tanī Pusē (v. Viks)
08. Kas Jūs Esat? (v. O.Gūtmanis)
09. Upei Pāri (v. P.Zirnītis)
10. Mežā (v. S.Naidu)
11. Trubadūrs (v. K.Skujenieks)
12. Apvij Rokas (v. L.Līvena)
13. Rīt Varbūt (v. M.Zālīte)
14. Kā akmens (v. L.Līvena)


Turaidas Roze is another music project of the top Latvian composer Imants Kalniņš. After psychedelicious seventies it is good pop music of the eighties now. Vocals by Olga Rajecka and Uģis Roze. Don’t miss that extremely beautiful song below as well as other good stuff.

The story narrated in the video. 350 years ago there lived an immensely beautiful girl Maya in city Turaide. People called her The Rose of Turaide. Maya was in love with a man and they prepared to wedding. Once some mercenary has kidnapped Maya but she killed herself finally being true to her love. Many years since then there are roses lying by her grave for many years as a symbol of feminine beauty and devotion.

Download 320 kbps, 125 MB:

Yugoslavian ABC 1975

img/abc 1975.jpg

01. Ватерлоо
02. Мечты
03. Какая она красивая
04. Сердитая девушка
05. Ради тебя
06. Восхваление свободы


07. Папа Джо
08. Прощай, любовь моя
09. Уходит длинный поезд
10. Прости, что я любил тебя
11. Есть время для любви
12. Попурри югославских народных песен

ВИА «ABC» п/у Ангела Владковича
«ABC» led by Angelo Vlatković
Untitled Album
Melodiya 1975 LP C60−05811−12

A non-USSR band well known among Eastern groove collectors. Although a Yugoslavian collective they have released three albums at soviet label «Melodiya» while none at their homeland (according to discogs).

Donated by Austin and his vinyl blog

play abc 1975 smpl.mp3

Download 87 MB, 320 kbps:

Anatoly Vapirov • Анатолий Вапиров 1981

img/vapirov mistery.jpg

A. Mystery
B. Mystery (continued)


Анатолий Вапиров — Мистерия
Anatoly Vapirov — Mystery
Melodiya 1981 LP C60−13575−6

Anatoly Vapirov’s second album called «Mystery» aka «Slavonian Mystery». Although released (and probably recorded) 1981, this program used to be performed since 1977.

Anatoly Vapirov — sax
Boris Lebedinsky — guitars
Veniamin Dunaevsky — bass
Daniel Martin (USA)  — drums

play vapirov mystery smplr.mp3

Download 320 kbps, 113 MB:

Estonian Vinyl Book

Here is a free book online about history of Estonian vinyl releases. There are many beautiful covers and short info about 1055 releases. Via D (ig) J (unky) KOSMAS.

Estonian Vinyl Plates Discography
Эстонская дискография виниловых пластинок
Eesti vinüülplaatide diskograafia
1954−2010 (1954−1990 actually)

Melodiya 100%

The mix at mixcloud ↗

Dope orchestral tunes from US/EU/JP released on the soviet label Melodiya in the 70’s and thus freely available to the people under Teh Iron Kurtain. Since now it’s available for you too: (mp3) or (flac)