Funk, jazz, psychedelic, progressive, disco, electro, shake and the rest cool music from USSR of the 1965-1985.

Gulli Chokheli • Гюлли Чохели

Three more songs by georgian singer Gulli Chokheli.

play gulli chokheli — letniy dozhd 1976.mp3 @01:09
1976 Г92−05462 / «Кругозор» magazine 1976 No. 6 / psychedelic-alike / К. Никольский

play gulli chokheli — manana 1971.mp3
1971 33Д-030759−60 / grooooove!

play gulli chokheli — pesnya, gitara i ya 1971.mp3
1971 33Д-030759−60 / Ю. Антонов






Apr 20, 2010

Песня, гитара и я - потрясно!

Apr 20, 2010

Рад что понравилось (:

May 01, 2010

I never listened or read of this artist, like Eolika. The tracks from 1971 are nice with a bit Janis Joplin/Jefferson Airplane and sixties feel in general. But only nice. The outstanding track is one from 1976, if my transliteration is not bad, titled Letnij Dozdej. Fantastic sovietic melodic sound of 70s, very passionate and sensitive voice. When i listened at this song i imagined a landscape with blond grain and red poppies flowers with nostalgic summer sun in the sky. I think other track around this period are also more mature like this. If i don't go bad, Krurosor released also the fantastic first single of Araks. They had good tastes. Darius

May 01, 2010

There were many tracks released on Krugosors and some of them was audacious enough. For example I'd not believe there was "Theme from the SWAT" released in USSR but they .

May 01, 2010

You answer very soon. I don't expect an answer in Eolika. Thanks for your words too. Sorry, with "other track around this period" i intended tracks of this singer Gulli Chokheli. I knew blog progresyvusisrokas from many months and i found your blog only two or three weeks ago, and is splendid too. Very well hidden though. Regards from Italy

May 18, 2012